At Targa, we consider living and owning a restaurant in Byron Bay an absolute privilege. Our restaurant practices are carefully considered for better & more sustainable solutions. An ongoing venture, we welcome any ideas or feedback for future adherence.

  • Buy local -  Lucky for us the Northern Rivers is abundant with award winning produce we shop local at all times where possible and do weekly runs to the farmers market for fresh produce.
  • Use local trade - Our beautiful timber table tops are hand made just a few doors down! Given the opportunity we support the local community by using local trade.
  • Vestal Water System - One of our first sustainable actions was to install the amazing Vestal Water System which supplies the restaurant with filtered still, sparkling and ambient water presented in elegant glass bottles. Saving on fuel consumption, pollution, manufacturing and energy consuming processes, eliminating waste and storage. 10% of all our Vestal water sales are donated to "Whole World Water"- a wonderful campaign whose aim is to supply countries in need of access to clean drinking water
  • Green chemicals - If there is a green chemical solution, we use it. The extra cost far out weighs the consequences.
  • Laundry practices  - We've recently stopped using a linen company to launder our cloths and now wash at home or use the local laundromat within walking distance. Free of chemicals, and no fuel consumption.
  • Reuse -  We are fortunate to have a restaurant full of quality wooden furniture and bench tops, meaning we can sand back and restore rather than throw out and replace. Any purchases of equipment or furniture are considered for longevity, endurance and quality.
  • Recycle -  Our waste is seperated to recycle carboard, paper & glass. We donate our compostible waste  to our local egg farmer, in liue of the green waste bins coming to Byron Bay businesses. Recycled paper used for printing. Foam food boxes are returned to suppliers for reuse. Glass bottles are reused for water bottles.
  • Lights off -  We limit the use of lighting when appropriate to save on energy output.
  • Our take-away coffee cups are a plant based packaging product, more sustainable and compostible.


Fully Licensed
02 6680 9960

11 Marvell Street,
Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia.

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